Antonov Airline Highlight Video

Antonov Airlines – giant specialises in the oversize/overweight cargo industry

Antonov Airlines is a Ukrainian cargo airline. The company owns the Only completed Antonov An-225, the world’s largest operational cargo aircraft.
We help Antonov Airline Uk to edit a series of showreel video that demonstrates what they can do in the industry. The videos are mainly used for an exhibition that’s held in the UK.
The interesting part of this project is that the client had built a background wall for the stand, which is in a very long and thin shape. Unlike most of the videos are in 19:6 aspect ratio (1920×1080 Full HD, or 1280x720P), these ones have a special ratio of 4:1 format. The video will fill up the stand background wall from edge to edge.
The setup had helped our client’s stand attract a lot of eyeballs, which was a great success.
Please see examples of full-size video and special versions as well below.
Client: Antonove Airline
Date: 11S October 2018
Services: Logistic, Transportation
Full-Size Edit
Background Wall Video with 4:1 ratio

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