5 Promotional Videos That Make Great Stories From User Generated Content

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March 2, 2017/0/0
That Make Great Stories From User Generated Content

Promotional videos don’t all have to be about selling products, it can be about telling stories.

When a business has a good story behind it, you can invest in them…emotionally first (then the rest may follow).

How To Find Great Stories

Why User Generated Content.

But…when it comes to finding a story to tell, it’s easy to create them tumbleweed moments. It’s difficult to patch together a tale thats emotional, funny, and will appeal to your ideal client personas. But why fabricate? Chances are you’ll find some inspiration for content just by looking to those already using your product/service

Below are 5 examples of promotional videos that have, in various and diverse ways, used their users to generate great stories for their videos.

1. – GoPro

Instead of proving a GoPro camera is excellent because it can do this… and this… and this. They just let you see the product is use. And why wouldn’t they? Seeing the footage it’s users capture speaks volume about the GoPros value.

This promotional video, simply titled ,“Fireman Saves Kitten”, was made entirely by re-cutting footage captured on a GoPro by a real fireman. The man in question, Cory Kalanick, used his GoPro whilst at work and after capturing some heartwarming moments of him resuscitating a kitten, decided to upload the footage to his YouTube channel.

It makes for a great story. One, it really tugs on your heartstrings. Two, it leaves you curious. Because it’s real, you wonder what other rare insights can a GoPro capture just like this. You finish watching the video fully appreciating the opportunities that a GoPro may have.

2. – Intel

Trying to explain what a processor is, that’s a difficult story to keep interesting. The stories behind why people need them, now that’s a little bit easier to get on board with.

For Intel’s, ‘Meet The Makers’ mini documentary series, you get to hear some truly inspirational stories that were achieved because of Intel’s product. None more remarkable than Shubham Banerjee, who at 13 years old not only got an exceptional grade on his school science project, he also literally changed the world.

A story such as this is without doubt immensely valuable for the face of Intel. You can’t help but care more about the company than you did beforehand; you finish the video glad that they care about the reasons they exist.

3. – Spotify

Spotify is a company that really loves making ads from user generated data…and using that data to be humorous.

Look what they did for valentines…


For 2017, they’ve continued their quest to poke fun of their own users presumably because the content they’re finding just has too many carats of comedy gold not to. (It’s as cruel as it sounds). They’ve created a series of 3 videos where artists react to some of the unusual playlist names their songs have been added to, like: “Rap Caviar”, “Play This At My Funeral”, and “Global Warming Is Real…Let’s Dance”.

These stories are amusing. But they owe the comedy to the user’s whose seemingly random and bizarre ideas managed to escape from their heads and into a playlist in the first place.

4. – Microsoft

Back in 2015, Microsoft began making a push to promote its note taking software, ‘OneNote’, with the Collective Project. One of the videos used in Microsoft’s Collective Project, an initiative that supports and showcases new and intuitive student projects, made quite a stir on social media.

It tells the story of 7-year-old Alex and bionics student Albert Monero. Alex has a partially developed arm and Albert builds him, amongst other kids around the world, low cost bionic limbs. To make things things even more heartwarming,one of Alex’s heros gets to introduce him to his new bionic arm.

This video is excellent at getting to the ‘Why’. After watching the video, you know nothing about how OneNote works but you’re reminded of why it’s so important that ideas are nursed to life. You can’t buy into a product at this stage but you can buy into the philosophy.

5. – Target

American retailer, ‘Target’, is a company that’s had corporate social responsibility as a big part of its marketing core for some time. And within this initiative, education has been one of their main focuses.

In 2015, they were able to announce they’d raised $1 billion dollars in support for schools.


It began back in 2012 with this video. To raise awareness for their task, they brilliantly made the most of user generated content. They cut together really raw footage of teenagers reacting to being accepted to college and at the end tie it all together with the line “Every kid deserves this moment. Great schools can get them here.”

The story they were able to put together makes a great impact on your emotions. Because the footage is real and unfiltered, it loses all corporate shackles and works really well at getting to the heart of the message. 


George M.

George is the marketing executive here at Lumira Studio. He enjoys all aspects of content marketing and won’t consider his job done until everyone is educated on the power of video. Also, he’s a bit of a music geek and likes to get the Led out when he can.


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