Why Does The Length Of My Promotional Video Matter?

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March 22, 2017/1/0
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When we’re briefing clients about our plans for their promotional video, a question we’re all too familiar hearing is, why does the length of the video matter?

Good Question

It’s an excellent question we’re always happy to answer. Video length is a hot topic that’s been measured by video marketing experts for sometime and all the results point in one direction. It matters. It matters a lot.

We really care about optimising every video which is why we always consider video length in every promotional video we make (and every other video for that matter). We want you to do the same. So here’s just 3 of the reasons why we think planning the length of your videos is very important for video marketing success.

Attention Spans Drop Off

On the whole, it’s better to keep your content as short as possible because the human attention span is quite short. Quite simply, the longer a video goes on for, the more people leave before it’s done.

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It’s far better to split up your content to make everything super easy for your viewer’s brain to digest. 10 minutes worth of content split up into (10x) 1 minute videos will generate a stronger engagement rate than if it’s just shared as one long video.

This works better for you too because you know when the engagement rate is higher, more people aren’t missing anything.

Optimise For Different Platforms

The length of a promotional video matters because different platforms need different length video. A video on your website will perform differently than if you put it on Facebook.

This is why many people distribute using multiple edits, one video optimised for social media, and one video optimised for website.

E.g. Here’s a promotional video we recently shot for ‘Pub of the Year’ nominees (Hertfordshire Life Magazine), The Golden Fleece, for whom we produced two edits.

Promotional Video – Website Edit

Promotional Video – Social Media Edit

If someone has willingly come to your website, you’ve earned the right to their attention more than if you’ve randomly popped up on their Facebook. Social media is a highly competitive fight for time. You don’t have time to waffle, drag or beat around any bushes. With one swift swipe of the finger, you’re replaced and forgotten by the next bit of content in someone’s feed.

You need to tailor your content to respect that fact. Your message needs to be clinically clear, and a maximum of 90 seconds long.

We Don’t Hit The Play Button At All

The length of a video even determines if we hit the play button at all. When we open a video, it’s quite common we tap the screen to check how long it is. Our minds then decides if we can commit to watching it.

It’s a terrible shame for people to avoid your video because it’s 3 minutes long when your core message could be delivered in 30 seconds.

Even one second makes a huge difference. The same way one pennie makes a huge difference. Why is it so common for things to priced at £1.99 rather than £2.00?

Because we read from left to right, the first digit resonates with us the most. It creates the illusion of a much better deal. The same theory should be applied when it comes to how long you make your video. Is a video going to have better engagement if it’s cut to 1:59 or 2:00?


George M.

George is the marketing executive here at Lumira Studio. He enjoys all aspects of content marketing and won’t consider his job done until everyone is educated on the power of video. Also, he’s a bit of a music geek and likes to get the Led out when he can.

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  • Tabitha / March 27, 2017 / Reply

    Great post, multiple edits sounds like a great concept for ensuring maximum engagement across all channels. The optimum engagement length currently sits between 30 and 90 seconds for social media, but like you say longer videos do well on dedicated site pages.

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