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Video Email Signature Designed for Customers Buying Journey

May 1, 2017/0/0/
Videos in Email Signature Designed for Customers Buying Journey

Using videos has a higher conversion rate, and we believe that email signature is one of the best places for an effective video distribution strategy. One campaign we did for our client recently showed that, a video in the email signature had 8x more customer engagement rate than a video which is embedded only on […]

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[Video] How to create a professional email signature with HubSpot Email signature generator + BONUS

April 24, 2017/0/0/
email signature demo

Many years ago, someone predicted that Email will be dead soon, he was clearly wrong, as many years later, Email is absolutely still the No.1 communication tool for most amount us. In fact being a tool that is so frequently used, we really shouldn’t overlook it’s power, if an ordinary daily email is used properly, it […]

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Why Does The Length Of My Promotional Video Matter?

FAQ's Answered

March 22, 2017/1/0/
Promotional video, video marketing, corporate video, video production

When we’re briefing clients about our plans for their promotional video, a question we’re all too familiar hearing is, why does the length of the video matter? Good Question via GIPHY It's an excellent question we're always happy to answer. Video length is a hot topic that’s been measured by video marketing experts for sometime [...]

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5 Tips To Improve How You’re Training Employees With Video

A Quick Guide To Training Video Success

March 20, 2017/0/0/
training video, training employees with video

Are you in a workplace that's training employees with video? Do you think that the quality can improve but you're not a video production expert and don't know how exactly? Perfect. You're in the right place. Training Employees With Video via GIPHY Once upon a time training videos had gained a bad reputation for being [...]


YouTube Vs. Wistia: What’s The Best Platform For Hosting Video

Improve Your Video Distribution Knowledge

March 8, 2017/0/0/

So you’ve just invested all that money, spent weeks; maybe months planning, your strategy might even have placed your neck on the line with someone with a slightly bigger desk than you; you want need to guarantee that you know how to optimise the distribution of your videos once you have them. Hosting Video via [...]


5 Promotional Videos That Make Great Stories From User Generated Content

Customer Stories And Data That Inspired Marketing Gold

March 2, 2017/0/0/
That Make Great Stories From User Generated Content

Promotional videos don’t all have to be about selling products, it can be about telling stories. When a business has a good story behind it, you can invest in them...emotionally first (then the rest may follow). How To Find Great Stories via GIPHY Why User Generated Content. But…when it comes to finding a story to [...]


The 7 Steps To Follow For a Successful Video Testimonial Campaign

A Guide To Improve Your Video Testimonials

February 16, 2017/0/1/
Successful Video Testimonial Campaign

How to build a successful video testimonial campaign? To build a successful video testimonial campaign takes work on and off the camera. Whether your business is starting its first ever campaign, or has got multiple under its belt, understanding how to get the very best out of each bit of content you make is vital. The [...]


How To Download YouTube From A Chrome Browser

A One-Minute How To Guide

February 2, 2017/2/1/
download videos from YouTube within Chrome, download YouTube video Learn and Understand How To Download YouTube Video From A Chrome Browser

How To Download YouTube Videos From A Chrome Browser It’s inevitable that you'll need to download YouTube videos at some point, but you might not know yourself how to do so. YouTube has made this task really difficult. What if you had some video online but you don’t have the original video file? So you [...]

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Personalised Video: How Scalable Is This Video Marketing Strategy?

The Hand-Crafted Vs. Mass Produced Approach

January 23, 2017/0/0/

Personalised video can be like buying really, it can. Some of us want something truly unique, hand crafted with time and care, designed for one person. Others want something easy to put together, designed for a mass audience...and is most probably Swedish. Understanding Personalised Video via GIPHY It's much the same with personalised video (except maybe [...]

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